The Connectd Solution

A curated community of strategic investors

Using smartmatching technology we'll provide you with a curated community of strategic and active angel investors highly relevant to you.

Frictionless Fundraising

Have all your fundraising data in one place, easily track your progress and save your time to impress relevant investors.

No Middlemen

Get direct access to highly relevant investors, board advisors and non-executives.

Start your journey to fundraising success.

What Makes us Different?



Get complete control over your fundraising process and be proactive in reaching out to all strongly-matched investors on the platform.



Find relevant strategic investors and board advisors with zero recruitment fees.



100% safeguarded network that ensures active, quality investors.


Up Skill

Content to help you up-skill so you can go further on your startup journey.

5 stars: Excellent

Nothing Better For Start Ups

I wish more people knew about this!

As a start up entrepreneur, it is SO hard to get speaking to the right people. You spend a lot of your time networking, which can really take away the attention required to actually grow the business.

These guys are amazing; especially Roei. Couldn't recommend them enough.

23 Oct 2020

5 stars: Excellent

I cannot recommend these guys enough

Simply put, I cannot recommend these guys highly enough; they are an amazing team, highly motivated and professional as well as being genuine and 100% committed to putting great businesses together with the right resources and support that they need to succeed. If you are considering working with them as an investor, a NED or a business they are the best I have come across at what they do.

11 Dec 2020

The Product

Progress Reporting Tool

One-stop shop for founders to update existing investors with progress, KPIs and growth, as well as invite potential investors to track them and engage with their next fundraising round.

Curated Community of Investors

Startup founders are presented with a group of highly curated investors/advisors via a smart matching algorithm, and vice versa.