Breaking down barriers
in early-stage investment.

At Connectd, our mission is to break down the barriers that exist in early stage and startup investment to bring together startups, investors and business advisors.

Our goal is to open doors for everyone, and for decisions to be made based on data, relevance, and opportunity, rather than age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or religion.

These barriers make it difficult for investors, advisors and founders to connect. Doors are shut on people without consideration of the opportunity simply because of discriminatory factors.

It is our belief that people from all walks of life should have a pathway to succeed.

About us

74% of the UK’s leading investors and startup founders say that they have witnessed discrimination during early-stage funding


We must focus on removing these barriers to entry if we are to wipeout discrimination in early-stage investment. It it our collective responsibility to level the playing field by opening doors, rather than closing them.

Roei SamuelCEO and founder of Connectd, and angel investor

The Connectd future

Seek out opportunities through technology, and remember, we are all equal.

Our vision for the future is one where entrepreneurs, investors and advisors of all backgrounds come together through the power of technology to create meaningful connections without feeling discriminated against, marginalised or simply ignored.

We will remove the barriers that stop people from succeeding in life, and focus on helping you to find opportunities that are most relevant to you.

The conntectd future
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Understand how prominent discrimination is in early-stage investment, with insight from some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and investors.

Read our study about the future of startup investment, including how we collectively can tackle the diversity, discrimination and inclusion problem.

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